Welcome to I Am Jesus

As followers of Jesus, our mission is to introduce Him to millions of people worldwide. I Am Jesus is a companion to the Bible and is neither a paraphrase or a translation. It is simply written as a first-person account – Jesus Himself, the Son of God, sharing His story of His walk on earth as the perfect man.

Jesus’ sermons, His miracles, and His example take on new meaning and become personal as step by step, day by day, Jesus relates His story in such a personal way that the reader is transported back to the day and locale of Jesus’ walk on earth. A selection of well-chosen, well-placed, photos, enhance the message of the text and strengthen the remarkable word pictures and action of the narrative.

Our mission is to come alongside your ministry and provide those who have a burden to introduce Jesus to their family, friends, and co-workers with a life-changing message. All this at an affordable cost to you. Please download the print deliverables and share them with your key leaders.

Walk with Me and I will show you how to live forever