Chapter 11: FACING IT? I Did Too.

Hi, I'm Janet

I’ve been where you are or will be. I launched my career at 17 years of age and then at 27, I started my company - JANSON.

What started out as a strong and widely successful company in the early years would soon hit rock bottom. Bleeding cash and seeing employees walk out faster than I could beg them to stay, I found myself afraid, nearly broke and wondering if there was any glimmer of hope. Just when I was about to file for Chapter 11 and walk away – God stepped in. But before being rescued, I came face to face with the prospect of taking my life. Hitting bottom is scary and embarrassing. It was at that moment that God wanted me to surrender it all. I didn’t give in and before long, God brought packages of Unexpected Deliverance from the most unlikely sources!

Today, JANSON is an in-demand company services one of the most fascinating markets in the world – the United States Military. We are an team of strategists, designers and communications that are changing the way people use physical, virtual and digital communications.

I pray that through my story that you find encouragement, inspiration and hope to preserver against all odds and achieve your highest hopes and dreams!

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